PFC Rental

The Parish Family Center (PFC) facilities at St Joseph Catholic Church is available on a first come, first served basis, and are only available for use and/or rent by registered parishioners for private functions. Please contact the parish office to schedule.


All use of parish facilities is scheduled through the parish offices. All events must be scheduled in advance through the parish facility manger at least two months prior to the event. A $200 deposit due the day the event is scheduled. All fees must be paid, a Facility Use Agreement is complete and Diocesan Special Event Insurance is on file one month prior to the event or the deposit is forfeited.

Facility Fees

Rental Fee: $1,000 per event ($200 deposit due at scheduling + $800 due one month prior to event). The complete facility fee is due to the parish office one month prior to the event.

Cleaning Fee: $300 per event, check is made directly to cleaning service. The cleaning fee is due to the parish office one month prior to the event. The service includes cleaning prior to the event and after the event but does not include any set-up. You may contact the cleaning service directly for assistance in setting up tables and chairs for your event.

Special Event Insurance: approximately $350. Private individuals are required to purchase Special Event Insurance from the Dallas Diocese for their event. Alcohol (Beer and wine) may be served at the event, but that fact must be clearly marked on the SE Insurance application submitted to the Diocese. This form is completed online and payment is made through the insurance website. The facility manager can guide you through the process at the time you schedule your event. The average cost of event insurance with an alcohol rider is $350.

Hours of operation

PFC is available for use, subject to availability from 4 p.m. Friday to midnight Saturday.

Conduct of Guests

Parish organizations and individuals that reserve the use of these facilities will be held responsible for the care of the facilities and the conduct of individuals attending their meetings and events. Use of facilities is restricted to the areas specifically reserved for the occasion. Use of other areas may result in the levying of additional fees for areas used.


Decorations may be used that are appropriate for the occasion; they must be appropriate for use in a Catholic parish setting. Decorations may not be attached to existing things in the room or hall. Festive wedding items like rice, birdseed, flower petals and confetti may not be used. Bubbles may be used outside. All decorations must be removed by noon (12 pm) the next day after the event.

Tables, Chairs, and Additional Equipment

Chairs and tables are available for use by those who reserve the use of rooms. St Joseph staff is not responsible for setting up tables and chairs for your event. If more chairs & tables are needed than is what is normally in the room, arrangements are made for their use at the time of the reservation.

Additional chairs and tables may be rented and brought in, but they must be removed by noon (12 pm) after the conclusion of the event. St Joseph Catholic Church is not responsible for any equipment rented from outside companies. It is the responsibility of the person renting the equipment to sign for its delivery and arrange for its timely removal after the event.


You are welcome to contract with a band, disc jockey, instrumentalists, etc. to provide music for an event. The name of the agent or contact person, their businesses address, phone number and certificate of insurance must be provided to the church offices before the event. The music must be appropriate for an event occurring on church property and limited to the area of the facility rented for the event. As these facilities are in a residential area, the volume of music may not be excessive and must conform to city ordinance.


St Joseph Catholic Church is not liable for any loss or damage to any vehicle or its contents while in these lots. Organizations and individuals may contract with a valet service. The name of the company, their business, proof of insurance and address and phone number must be provided to the church offices prior to the event.

Security Guards

St Joseph does require the use of Security Guards for functions at our facilities where alcohol will be present. The security guard’s name, company, address, phone and certificate of insurance must be provided to church prior to the event. Events with one to 100 guests require one guard and 101 to 200 guests require two guards.

Kitchen Use

Use of the kitchen is included with parish hall rental. You may use the refrigerator and freezer as available space allows but no cooking.


You may wish to use an outside caterer and they may use our kitchen as they are able and are expected to leave the kitchen clean and free of trash. If a private catering company damages any property, the rental party will be held responsible for any damage or loss of equipment.

Alcoholic Beverages

The serving of alcoholic beverages on church/school property is restricted to beer and wine only and limited to special occasions approved by the pastor. Alcohol service is only allowed if served along with food and non-alcoholic beverages. Alcohol service must end at least one hour prior to the end of the event. Under no circumstances will alcohol be served to anyone under the age of 21. Alcohol servers must be instructed not to serve anyone who appears to be intoxicated. Diocese of Dallas Alcohol Service Policy, Nov 2010

The parish requires that all alcohol servers are licensed by the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission and a copy of the license on file at the parish office. The use of alcoholic beverages in these facilities is with the requirement and expectation that all of those consuming such beverages are of legal drinking age, and that consumption is done in a mature manner and within legal limits and monitored by responsible adults. Those groups or individuals offering alcoholic beverages at their function assume full responsibility for the behavior of their members and guests. No glass containers of any variety.

St Joseph Catholic Church provides the facilities only and allows the use of alcoholic beverages with the requirement that they be used in an adult, legal and responsible way including preventing an impaired guest from operating a motor vehicle. St Joseph Catholic Church is not responsible for the actions of any guest or member of any organization at, during, or after any event held at these facilities.