Reflections for 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The apostle Paul tells us in the second reading, that at our Baptism, we have become linked to Jesus’s death on the cross. He also goes on to explain how we have been raised to a new life and become disciples of Jesus Christ.

In the first part of Matthew’s Gospel, we will hear Jesus tell us his expectations of his disciples. Jesus demands and expects our total love ­­‑‑ a love that surpasses that which we have for our fathers, mothers, children, and even ourselves.

The Gospel then goes on to teach that when we receive a fellow disciple – we are receiving Jesus Christ. Just like the Shunemite woman from the first reading, she welcomed the righteous prophet Elisha and received a prophet’s reward for her actions; we too will be rewarded when we welcome Jesus Christ, through his disciples, into our lives.

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