August registration will run online from August 5-15th and in person registration will take place in the Parish office on Sunday, August 18th from 9-2:00 pm.

Our mission is to form Christians who are prepared to lead a life of discipleship in Christ. By our Baptism, we are all called to be disciples of Christ in our world. The Sacrament of Confirmation is an extension of our Baptism where we more fully develop the gifts that the Holy Spirit has instilled in us and go forth to use those gifts for the glory of God.

Preparing for Confirmation

Preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation in our diocese is a two year process than can begin as early as seventh grade. Youth are expected to be active in the youth ministry program for two years.  Attendance is mandatory.  The first year classes meet weekly on Wednesday nights.  The second year, classes are each Wednesday night and two Sunday nights per month.

“Preparation for Confirmation should aim at leading the Christian toward a more intimate union with Christ and a more lively familiarity with the Holy Spirit—his actions, his gifts, and his biddings—in order to be more capable of assuming the apostolic responsibilities of Christian life. To this end catechesis for Confirmation should strive to awaken a sense of belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ, the universal Church as well as the parish community. The latter bears special responsibility for the preparation of confirmands.”

— Catechism of the Catholic Church 1309

Confirmation! Whose decision is it anyway?

Does the decision to be a Confirmed rest only with the teen? Only with the Parents/guardians? The first answer is that God is the one that calls you to the Sacrament. God is in charge.

The second answer is that this is a family decision, between parents and teen. How does being Catholic fit into the entire family life? Does being Catholic make any difference? Do the adults in the family practice their faith or is this some kind of “get it over with” thing? Will this program interfere in the activities of the teen’s life? Being heavily involved in school, sports, and other extracurricular events may not allow time to let the teen participate in this program. Make a family decision that is best for everyone. What if the teen is unsure about being involved? We suggest that if you are thinking “Maybe I should do this… at least to find out more…” — Come and join us.

The third answer is that you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by joining us. You may believe we are supposed to say this — although, we want you to know: we truly invite you come learn more.

Required Components

The sacramental preparation classes start in September and the Sacrament of Confirmation is celebrated in the spring of each year. All candidates are expected to complete all requirements mandated by St. Joseph and the Diocese of Dallas and will be required to attend and fully participate in all of the following activities:

  • Weekly Mass, Sunday evening classes and Wednesday Youth Ministry
  • At least Four service projects
  • Complete a Sponsor Letter
  • Select a Patron Saint
  • Attend the Confirmation weekend retreat

Sacramental Records for Candidates

Candidates will need to provide an original Baptismal certificate with notations from the church of baptism and a state issued birth certificate. If you were baptized at St Joseph, please complete a Request for Baptismal Certificate at the parish office.

Confirmation Class Meetings

Confirmation class meets the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month from 6-8:00 pm.  Candidates who miss more than 2 class periods will be asked to re-evaluate their decision to receive the sacrament this year.

Parent participation is highly encouraged and welcomed; please feel free to ask how you can help.

Service Projects

These are designed to enhance the ability of the young person to serve as part of the larger faith community. These experiences are an excellent opportunity for each person to recognize his/her own gifts and blessings as they offers assistance to people in need. It is our hope that the young person will be guided to a lifetime of service to others as fully initiated members of the church.


Candidates will be required to complete a minimum of four projects. This is defined as a stand alone activity that is above and beyond the regular service activity that the youth may be involved with. There will be several opportunities throughout the school year to earn these credits at parish functions but at least one must be completed on their own and outside the parish. They must show evidence of real service to the community.

Confirmation Sponsors

A sponsor is a very special person. A sponsor should be a vivid example of Catholic Christian life. Be reflective and make a meaningful choice.

Who can be a Sponsor?

The requirements for Confirmation sponsors are the same as for Baptismal Sponsors. They must be at least 16 years of age and already having received all Sacraments of Initiation {Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation}, and if married, must be married through the Catholic church with notation on their baptismal certificate. Parents can not be sponsors for their own children.

What is the Role of a Sponsor?

Sponsors are called to live the Christian life and to do so consciously aware that they affect others. The sponsor has a simple job description: to help someone follow Christ. None of us can do this on our own. Confirmation highlights, on one particular day, that a fellow catholic has said, “I look up to you.”

What are Sponsors being asked to do?

  1. Pray for the young person you are asked to sponsor.
  2. Meet with your candidate four times for about 30 minutes each.
  3. Decide together whether it is appropriate to receive the sacrament now or wait until a later date.
  4. Write a letter informing the parish of your decision. View Sample_Letter

What do Sponsors do during the four interviews?

Meet in a comfortable setting that provides some privacy and is relatively free from distraction and use the meeting guidelines to approach the following four topics:

  1. Obstacles
  2. Values
  3. Prayer
  4. Commitment

Guided interviews in Spanish

  1. Obstáculos
  2. Valores
  3. Oración
  4. Compromiso

Patron Saints

First of all, don’t treat this as a box to check off and pick St Francis just because you have a vague idea about his life. The first thing you should do is pray. Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance in choosing a saint that will be best for you. The second thing you should do is some research. Browse a library of patron saints online or get a good book of saints to read. You can get a comprehensive saint dictionary, a book of modern saints, or if you are really ambitious you can get the four volume Butler’s Lives of the Saints.

While you are reading about the saints ask yourself why you are drawn to some more than others. Is it because they were courageous in speaking about the Faith? Were they drawn to helping the poor? Did they have an occupation that you are interested in or have a family like yours?

As you start to narrow down the saints you are interested in, think again about the reasons to choose one. Is this someone I look up to and want to emulate? Is this someone who I want to spiritually “have my back”?

Once you have decided on your saint, see if there is a good book just about that particular saint so you can get to know him better. Start asking him for guidance and the courage to take your reception of the sacrament of Confirmation seriously.


The Confirmation retreat is scheduled for January 31-February 2, 2020 at the Pines Catholic Camp in Big Sandy. The cost of the retreat is TBD and is payable by cash, check or credit card.

Check-in will be at 5:00 pm on Friday, January 31 and everyone is expected to ride the bus to the camp site.

Youth will need to pack warm and casual clothing, personal care items, bed linens or sleeping bag. There is no need for money or personal electronics.