Pope Francis delivers a speach during an audience with parish cells for the evangelization in Paul VI hall at the Vatican on September 5, 2015. FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP/Getty Images

It’s true . . . there’s no such thing as “Catholic Divorce” but millions of Catholics DO get civilly divorced, however, in the eyes of the Church they are still married.

Which brings out so many questions in the minds of the faithful. Does the Church still care about me even though I’m divorced? Am I allowed to go to Mass? Can I receive Communion? How can the Church help me heal? If I decide to marry again or am already remarried, what do I have to do?

A Catholic annulment means that when the couple said “I do,” either in a church or in front of a civil judge, maybe one of them really didn’t mean it fully, or was unable to live up to the marriage promises for some serious reason and therefore a marriage did not occur.

Some of the documents needed for an annulment case:

  • A copy of the civil marriage certificate
  • A copy of complete, final, signed, civil divorce decree filed in the county in which divorce took place
  • A current (issued within the last six months) Catholic baptismal certificate with full notations
  • Copies of any public documents, not protected by laws of privacy, that would clarify the circumstances of the marriage

If you want to learn more about starting the annulment process, call the office to set up an appointment to discuss your unique situation.