Project Gabriel helps pregnant mothers and their babies.

Are you pregnant and need help? Are you unprepared for your pregnancy?

Are you considering your options? Project Gabriel can help.

If you are facing a crisis pregnancy, Project Gabriel of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Waxahachie, Texas is here to help you.  We serve women in the area surrounding Waxahachie. We are a ministry of the Catholic Church, and we believe that you and your baby are loved by God. We see the birth of each baby as the fresh expression of God’s constant love.

We are willing to assist you immediately with the only condition being that you choose life for your baby.  We can help you with basic needs, and we can help you find other resources. We can help you choose to parent or to choose adoption for your baby.

Whether you are single or married, Project Gabriel offers assistance to you and your family.  We offer help to you to continue your pregnancy, and we will help you until your baby’s birth and beyond. We accept girls and women of any age, race, religion, or nationality.  We accept mothers who have other children as well.  We can help mothers with children up to age 2.

Services: Project Gabriel at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church can give help for pregnant women with:

  • Emotional support
  • Social service referral information;
  • Pro-life medical care referrals for mother and baby;
  • Baby clothing, blankets, baby care products, diapers for children up to 2 years old;
  • Sources for obtaining car seats, baby furniture and equipment;
  • Information about maternity homes and adoption agencies;
  • Pastoral care and counseling;
  • Classes for mothers on life skills.

Get help from Project Gabriel.

In Waxahachie and Ellis County, Texas, contact the office of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church during office hours at 972-938-1953. Ask for Project Gabriel to call you.

In other areas of north Texas, 24/7, contact the area Project Gabriel phone number: 972-BABY-DUE or 972-222-9383.

Outside north Texas, to find help in your area 24/7, call the national pregnancy assistance helpline: 800-712-HELP.

Project Gabriel is a ministry of the Catholic Pro-life Committee of North Texas.