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Due to recent changes in the CDC recommendations about COVID-19 precautions and the significant drop in the number of cases in Ellis county, our parish will no longer require individuals to wear masks in our facilities.  While wearing a mask will not longer be required, we still strongly recommend that everyone wear a mask to help protect our children who have not been vaccinated and those individuals who cannot get vaccinated due to medical treatments, a compromised immune system, or other reason.  As Christians, we must always be concerned about the health and welfare of our neighbors.

The CDC also recently changed the recommended social distancing space from 6 feet to 3 feet if everyone is wearing a mask, so we are no longer leaving every other pew empty in some sections of the church and the chapel.  Those sections are reserved only for individuals wearing a mask.  If you chose not to wear a mask, we ask that you sit in a section that still has every other pew empty.  Six feet of distancing between those in our household and people from other households are also still required in the sections where every other pew is empty, but social distancing can be reduced to 3 feet in the sections where everyone is wearing a mask.

Starting on June 5, we will also return the hymnals to the pews, start passing the collection baskets during Mass, and return to having the Offertory procession.  At the Sign of Peace, we will also allow hand shakes or hugs between same members of a household, and we will encourage a wave, head nod, or slight bow to others around you as a sign of peace.  Communion will continue to be distributed only under one species until the pandemic is over.  We will also put holy water back in the baptismal font, and we will have stands with touchless holy water dispensers at the back of the church and chapel for those who prefer to not to use water from the font to bless themselves.

Also starting on June 5, Confessions will be on Saturday from 3:30pm – 4:30pm near the tabernacle at the front of the church.  We will continue to have Confessions on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday at 11:30am at the plaza in front of the PFC.

I appreciate everyone’s understanding and compliance with the COVID-19 restrictions we have had in place since last March, and I ask for your patience as we slowly return to normal.  Please be aware that we made need to re-implement some or all of these restrictions if infection rates start to increase again in Ellis county.  It is through everyone’s efforts that we are able to maintain a safe environment where all can gather and worship.  Please continue to pray for those who have lost loved ones to the COVID-19 virus and for those who have been adversely affected by the pandemic.  This has been truly a time we have been tested by Satan, but it has also been a time for us to show the world what it means to be Christians.  May God bless and protect you and your family.

Father Louis


Since the store is currently between physical locations, there is limited availability for some items. Requests and any other questions can also be sent to or 469-337-5020 (voice/text). 

Pastors Column

I do not know about your feelings when you read from the Prophet Isaiah in chapter twenty-five, referencing the time of God’s deliverance, and his promises of a celebration for his people from his holy mountain. One of the questions that I have pondered on while reading from the Prophet has been, why on a mountain? Why not on the plains or even somewhere below and accessible to all. I have thought this way because of the consideration of the fact that going up a mountain to enjoy rich foods and to have tears wiped out, will involve exerting some physical strength, which we know everyone is not equally endowed with. The fact of the existence of a mountain, while it presents something of a beauty and has something distinctive to add to the landscape, still poses a problem to the citing and construction of cities with their infrastructure.

However, biblically speaking, the mountain has remained, using the words of Pope Benedict XVI, in his book JESUS OF NAZARETH, “… the locus of God’s particular closeness.” In this instance, you can imagine some of Jesus’ activities on the mountain. He spent many nights in prayer and communing with God on the mountain, his choice of the Apostles happened after he had gone up the mountain and summoned those he wanted (Mark 3:13), his transfiguration, his sermons on the mount, and his ascension from the mountain he had ordered his disciples (Matthew 28:16). In all of these instances, there is without doubt something transcendent about the mountain. Even people who live on top of a mountain always point to the fact of its natural endowments of a purer or crispier-unpolluted air, and expansive view. I can surely say this, that besides the imposition presented by a mountain, it gives an opportunity to reflect on something beyond our human imagining.

I suppose this is what it means to allow our human understanding to be awakened to the transcendent fact of God as a unity of persons. I thought about it alongside that fact that Jesus himself alluded to it from that mountain top he had ordered his disciples as a way of bringing new members into the faith – “… baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” Here, I think that for a purer understanding of this wondrous mystery, a believer will be better served with a faith that has within it a fervent desire to permit a contemplation of this deepest reality and how it traces itself throughout a believer’s journey from baptism to every single human activity, and especially in every liturgical prayer.

Fr. Louis Chijioke

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Mass Times

  • Saturday 5 pm (English) in the church
  • Sunday 8 and 10 am (English) and 12 pm (Spanish) in the church
  • Monday – no services
  • Tuesday – Thursday 12 pm in the chapel
  • Friday 8 am in the chapel


  • Tuesday thru Thursday 11:30 am before noon Mass @ PFC Plaza
  • Saturday: Starting June 5th 3:30pm to 4:30pm before Mass @ Church
  • Appointment – call the parish office 972.938.1953


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  • Parish Office: 972.938.1953
  • Emergency If you need a priest for an extremely serious medical emergency or in danger of death, please leave a message. 


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Safe Environment

Volunteers – if the date on your badge has the current month and year – it’s time to renew!

The Diocese of Dallas has created the Safe Environment Program and its requirements for all volunteers must completed before serving with the children, youth and vulnerable adults of the diocese.

Parish Membership

All people of faith are welcome to worship at St. Joseph Catholic Church. We believe that membership in our faith community is signified by completing a parish registration form, participating in the sacramental life of the community and contributing to the support of the parish.

Proof of membership or a letter from your previous parish is required before enrolling children and youth in our faith formation programs.

Contribution envelopes are only printed once a year and distributed in December to members who request them.

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