Mass Cancellations and Online Masses

During this time, Bishop Burns recommends reflecting on the Sunday Mass readings which can be found at, or, view an online Mass such as those live streamed from the Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe at 9 a.m. in English and 10:30 a.m. in Spanish every Sunday. Visit to view the live streams. Another option is the daily Mass televised on EWTN.

Diocese of Dallas

Pastors Column

I remember that I shared some thoughts in the previous weeks on what I have chosen to take on during the current COVID-19 pandemic. I do recall that I shared that it has been a thing of importance to ensure that I am putting into good use the lessons I am from these events. Surely and most importantly, like I had pointed out, this whole thing has brought humanity to their knees. Therefore, I have chosen to utilize my own kneeling posture for prayer purposes.

I do not think there is anyone among us who had imagined a thing at the scale at which we have experienced it. The closure of schools, churches, and shops. I do not think any of us could have imagined people working from home at this scale, worshipping not in the Churches but at home and all our children having the one option of home schooling. What in the world would have made any one think of social distancing with its inescapable consequences of students are separated from the physical presence of their teachers, the faithful from their pastors, customers from their vendors and not visiting friends and family an act of love?

To so many, this has confronted us with the important questions about the level of our preparedness. To so many of the Parents and guardians required to be teachers, pastors and spiritual guide to their children, this responsibility has become quite too tall an order. God forbid it, but I know there are some who have sadly become frustrated when they realized that they may not be able to offer so much. The truth however remains that, having known some of these as a fact, we need to rise to the play as the times are waking us up to take on those things that have formed our lives in the first place. Maybe this is the time for us to join hands and strengthen the very features of the family and the home as foundational to the education and spiritual formation of children. It is time also for all parents and adults to realize that the catechizing of our Children lies in our own hands.


Fr. Louis Chijioke

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Safe Environment

Volunteers – if the date on your badge has the current month and year – it’s time to renew!

The Diocese of Dallas has created the Safe Environment Program and its requirements for all volunteers must completed before serving with the children, youth and vulnerable adults of the diocese.

Parish Membership

All people of faith are welcome to worship at St. Joseph Catholic Church. We believe that membership in our faith community is signified by completing a parish registration form, participating in the sacramental life of the community and contributing to the support of the parish.

Proof of membership or a letter from your previous parish is required before enrolling children and youth in our faith formation programs.

Contribution envelopes are only printed once a year and distributed in December to members who request them.

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