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Sunday Masses may resume on June 28, 2020 at 50% of building capacity. At that time, the pastor is to determine the proper schedule for Sunday Masses, taking into consideration the needs of his community and the need to allow time to sanitize the church between Masses. Sunday Masses and other devotions will continue to be livestreamed. In addition to parishes, the Diocese continues to broadcast live Masses and recorded events on the Diocese of Dallas website and local television. During such Masses, there will be an act of spiritual communion.

  • All Catholics of the Diocese of Dallas remain dispensed from the obligation to attend Mass “on Sundays and other holy days of Obligation” (canon 1247) and remain dispensed until further notice, even after public Sunday Masses begin.
  • Saturday Masses, including vigil Masses, may continue at 50% of building capacity. Saturday vigil Masses may continue on June 27, 2020 at 50% of building capacity. The number of Masses celebrated on Saturdays is to be determined by the pastor.
  • Public weekday Masses (Monday through Friday) may continue at 50% of building capacity. The number of Masses celebrated on weekdays is to be determined by the pastor.


Since the store is currently between physical locations, there is limited availability for some items. Requests and any other questions can also be sent to or 469-337-5020 (voice/text). 

Pastors Column

The Benedictine monks have this maxim – “Hospes venit, Christus venit” – which means, when a guest comes, Christ comes. In other words, to welcome a guest is to welcome Christ. I was thinking of this maxim while reading the 24th Chapter of Saint Luke on the encounter between Jesus and the disciples on the road to Emmaus. It was quite hilarious that the disciples did not recognize Jesus and thought of him as a stranger. It was even more humorous to me that while unable to recognize Jesus, they were all the while talking to Jesus about Jesus. It took them up till when they approached Emmaus, when he had spent time with them and broke bread with them to recognize him.

This encounter of the disciples with Jesus heightens our awareness to the fact of the possibility of meeting our Lord through hospitality. It is true that our God lives in unapproachable light. Indeed, the Prophet Isaiah tell us that the height of our God is so sublime and his ways above our ways. Yet, the same Lord informed us that when he comes in glory, he will be easily recognized, identified, and visited in the hungry, thirsty, stranger, naked, sick, and imprisoned. In other words, even though the height of our God is so sublime, we cannot still relegate him to such a sublime height altogether that it becomes impossible to approach him in his other less sublime heights like in the lowliness of the sick and the suffering. Our ability to recognize him cannot just stop at the joy of seeing the scars on his hands and feet after his resurrection without equally recognizing him in the scars of the humiliation, abuse, and neglect of the ones who suffer or allow the nobility and humanity of those who are suffering become concealed by the scars, wrinkles, and welt of their sufferings.

I think that the greatest test of the truth of our faith lies in this fact. I think it is here to be precise, that we have the opportunity of making the Easter joy a permanent feature of our lives as believers and a cause for joy for others and especially those who will through us get to an experience of the joy that Christianity brings. I believe that our Christianity and Spirituality becomes more meaningful when it goes beyond just the recognition of God in the grandeur of his greatness, but as well when it recognizes his greatness in the splendor of his smallness, especially when that smallness commands within it, a grandeur of significance.

Fr. Louis Chijioke

Mass Times

  • Saturday 5 pm (English) in the church
  • Sunday 8 and 10 am (English) and 12 pm (Spanish) in the church
  • Monday – no services
  • Tuesday – Thursday 12 pm in the chapel
  • Friday 8 am in the chapel


  • Tuesday thru Thursday 11:30 am before noon Mass @ PFC Plaza
  • Appointment – call the parish office 972.938.1953


  • Email:
  • Parish Office: 972.938.1953
  • Emergency If you need a priest for an extremely serious medical emergency or in danger of death, please leave a message. 


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Latest News

Safe Environment

Volunteers – if the date on your badge has the current month and year – it’s time to renew!

The Diocese of Dallas has created the Safe Environment Program and its requirements for all volunteers must completed before serving with the children, youth and vulnerable adults of the diocese.

Parish Membership

All people of faith are welcome to worship at St. Joseph Catholic Church. We believe that membership in our faith community is signified by completing a parish registration form, participating in the sacramental life of the community and contributing to the support of the parish.

Proof of membership or a letter from your previous parish is required before enrolling children and youth in our faith formation programs.

Contribution envelopes are only printed once a year and distributed in December to members who request them.

Click here Parish Registration Form.

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