Sunday Masses may resume on June 28, 2020 at 50% of building capacity. At that time, the pastor is to determine the proper schedule for Sunday Masses, taking into consideration the needs of his community and the need to allow time to sanitize the church between Masses. Sunday Masses and other devotions will continue to be livestreamed. In addition to parishes, the Diocese continues to broadcast live Masses and recorded events on the Diocese of Dallas website and local television. During such Masses, there will be an act of spiritual communion.

  • All Catholics of the Diocese of Dallas remain dispensed from the obligation to attend Mass “on Sundays and other holy days of Obligation” (canon 1247) and remain dispensed until further notice, even after public Sunday Masses begin.
  • Saturday Masses, including vigil Masses, may continue at 50% of building capacity. Saturday vigil Masses may continue on June 27, 2020 at 50% of building capacity. The number of Masses celebrated on Saturdays is to be determined by the pastor.
  • Public weekday Masses (Monday through Friday) may continue at 50% of building capacity. The number of Masses celebrated on weekdays is to be determined by the pastor.


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Pastors Column

After the celebration of the 25th anniversary of my Priesthood Saturday the 12th of September, I took out time on Sunday afternoon to reflect on all that happened at Mass and the reception. All the while sitting in my office, I was looking at the beautiful art picture from Lindsey’s art class. It was so gorgeous to look at, and I could not let go of the kind words and compliments of the kids to me as they depicted all those in the artwork. What a joy to have that artwork with me and to place it in a place of honor. I now have something with me that I am going to brag with as people come by to visit with me. It captured for me the unhidden joy and interest of all of you my beloved friends here at St. Joseph. Your conspicuous excitement over the 25th of my Priesthood was noticed by all our visitors and deeply felt by me. THANK YOU, VERY MUCH.

A lot did go into the celebration of my anniversary. It was all possible first by the grace God and then by the loveliest instruments he has chosen to organize it all. Our very amiable and amazing business manager Cathy Stagner with the rest of the office staff, Esmeralda Nuñez, Nancy Martinez, Tara Bart, Lydia Diaz, Mr. Rosas did not spare even a moment of rest until they saw a wonderful celebration take place. I thank them and their families for their generosity and allowing that they use their precious family time to take care of me. Those who helped at the liturgy as well cannot escape anyone’s notice, the Deacons, the lectors, the altar servers, the ushers and of course Kristin Bittick and choir that treated our musical palates with the most melodious and devotion inspiring sounds.

At the reception, well attended as the Mass, we were treated with the delightful meal prepared by our own Sara Mallord. We had as well some delicious meal – ‘a taste of African Cuisine’ – thanks to my friends coming from African communities from other Parishes. Simply put, I had a memorable occasion. I must give shout out to Scott and Dina – the Rolens, Robert and Alma – the Alvas, the Wilsons – Robert and Delores, Paula Boyd, Lindsey rayers and gifts. May God reward you abundantly and may the celebration of my Priesthood remain a blessing to all of us, Amen.

Fr. Louis Chijioke

You are invited to make or renew your Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary. (St. Louis De Montfort Program) It consists of 33 days of individual prayer to allow the Blessed Mother to work in our lives and bring us to Jesus. Preparation booklets with daily prayers will be available in the back of the church or you can find the prayers online at the Parish website. Preparation begins on September 4. Consecration will be on October 7.

This is the link where the preparation prayers can be found in English and in Spanish.

click here

Les invitamos a hacer o renovar su Consagración Total a Jesús por María. (Método de San Luis De Montfort) Consiste en orar individualmente por 33 días para permitir que María Santísima trabaje en nuestras vidas y nos lleve a Jesús. Los folletos con las oraciones diarias estarán disponibles en la parte de atrás de la iglesia o puede encontrar las oraciones en línea en la página parroquial. Comenzaremos la preparación el 4 de septiembre para consagrarnos el 7 de octubre.

Este es el enlace donde se pueden encontrar las oraciones de preparacion en ingles y en español.

haga clic aqui >>

Movimiento Familiar Cristiano Católico/ USA

Región 8

Área con familias – Waxahachie Tx

El Movimiento Familiar Cristiano Católico les hace una cordial invitación a todos los matrimonios que deseen tener una mejor relación con la pareja e hijos. ¡Anímate, los esperamos, acepta el llamado de Dios!

Estaremos dando más información el domingo 30 de agosto después de la misa de 12:00 pm afuera de la iglesia, o comunícate a los teléfonos: 972 268 2792 – 214 463 8012.

Mass Times

  • Saturday 5 pm (English) in the church
  • Sunday 8 and 10 am (English) and 12 pm (Spanish) in the church
  • Monday – no services
  • Tuesday – Thursday 12 pm in the chapel
  • Friday 8 am in the chapel


  • Tuesday – Thursday 11:30 am before noon Mass @ PFC Plaza
  • Appointment – call the parish office 972.938.1953


  • Email:
  • Parish Office: 972.938.1953
  • Emergency If you need a priest for an extremely serious medical emergency or in danger of death, please leave a message. 


  • View  the weekly Bulletin
  • Deadline for submitting articles for bulletin is Monday at 8 am
  • If you would like to receive the bulletin through email, sign up at Discover Mass.

Latest News

Safe Environment

Volunteers – if the date on your badge has the current month and year – it’s time to renew!

The Diocese of Dallas has created the Safe Environment Program and its requirements for all volunteers must completed before serving with the children, youth and vulnerable adults of the diocese.

Parish Membership

All people of faith are welcome to worship at St. Joseph Catholic Church. We believe that membership in our faith community is signified by completing a parish registration form, participating in the sacramental life of the community and contributing to the support of the parish.

Proof of membership or a letter from your previous parish is required before enrolling children and youth in our faith formation programs.

Contribution envelopes are only printed once a year and distributed in December to members who request them.

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